Discovering God Together




Jesus Says...You are Precious! 


Jesus loves your baby, and thinks your baby is precious, delightful, a blessing and so much more.


As you read this book to your baby, both your hearts will be filled with joy!


$ 9.95

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God Says...You are Wonderful! 


God is love and God loves children. He thinks they are wonderful, and wants them to know. Using Scripture,

this book is filled with messages

from God, directly to your child's heart.


God sees your child as lovable, precious, creative

and so much more. Your child will be

delighted with the pages of this book!

$ 9.99

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God says Listen- 

God is always speaking, and He wants children to know He loves to speak to them. God speaks, to teach us how a relationship with Him can lead to a life filled with goodness, peace, fullness and joy.


Using Scripture, this book teaches these and other important truths that will bless your child in many ways. Set to rhyme, these truths are easy to understand and engaging to read.


Your child will love to listen along with the children in this book to hear wonderful things God wants them to know!

$ 9.99

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Discovering God Together, Book 1

Let's All Learn More About God! 


God wants children to know Him. He wants children to know He is loving, kind, trustworthy, and so much more! Using Scripture, this book teaches children about God’s character, His attributes and even some of His names. Children will be encouraged to go on a journey to discover God for themselves, and as they do, they will learn about His deep and personal love for them. Learn along with these children in this book, and discover many wonderful truths about God!

$ 14.99

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This is a sweet picture book with pictures of real, beautiful children and a wonderful message!

I enjoyed reading it with my kids and gave a copy to my niece and nephew for their birthdays

as a way to let them know that God thinks they're wonderful and so do we!



This is a beautiful book and my boys love to read it! Thank you Rebecca for helping us parents plant Gods truth into our childrens hearts. My favorite page reminds us that God rejoices over our kids with joyful singing.


I love that each page is so simple and easy for my kiddos to understand and learn.



Rebecca Lynn is the author of many books. As a former teacher, she loves to inspire children to learn. Upon discovering the love of God at an early age, she is especially passionate about helping children learn and grow in God’s love for them.


She is honored to teach them God’s life giving messages, encourage them to seek their own relationship with God, and inspire them to reach their full potential.


Rebecca would tell you that writing for children is truly, very rewarding.